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Half the World

Style(s): Modern Rock, Rock, Metal
Location: Boise
Label: na
Manager: Pete Weaver
Booking: 208-853-3686
Influence(s): Half the World plays aggressive modern rock with killer female vocals and will appeal to fans of Fuel, Foo Fighters, Helmet, Incubus, No Doubt, Evanessence, Kidney Thieves, OTEP, Blendengine, etc.

"Imagine a bowl full of razor blades with sweet candy syrup poured over them." -Opened for Third Eye Blind -Song “Control” releasing nationwide to college radio Sept. 2002 -Song “Here and Now” Top 20 Best Hard Rock songs on At any given moment, half of the world's population dwells in darkness, while the other half are bathed in light. Metaphorically speaking, the band Half the World counts themselves among the latter. At the crux of their huge sound, Half the World conjures a magnetic alchemy of vision and promise: crushingly heavy and sublimely melodic. It's also the framework to support eloquent, cerebral lyrics. "There's a real strong sense of responsibility of writing music with this band, especially from a lyrical standpoint," they confirm. "We shoot for substance. We're not on some kind of crusade, but you won't hear 'Oh baby' or any love songs. We don't need to add to that." Each musician in the band is also a songwriter. "You may hear dark themes, but no promotion of darkness," they promise. "What we're awake to, is a new vibe, a new revolution. " Hailing from Holland, lead singer Mary Magill -- with her striking Euro-goddess visual presence and commanding, world-class voice -- is the band's on-stage focal point. The rhythm section is comprised of Mat Hansen on bass and Pete Weaver on drums and backup vocals (these two also produce and engineer for the band). Jim McCrostie and Brett Pedersen's incandescent, razor-edged guitars generate the fire that electrifies this monumental wall of sound. Still, in the band's hometown of Boise, Idaho, there is no equivalent Sunset Strip amidst the pines. "You struggle to play at Grandma's barbecue," they confirm. But they've opened for Third Eye Blind and expanded their affirmative sound into arena-size proportions. The band has also parlayed their relative isolation into a winning card; the band has recently secured a sponsorship deal with Replicant Clothing. Half the World has achieved digital visibility via They've been tapped by the staff as alternative rock picks and turned those kudos into an expanding global audience. Contact is key: anyone who e-mails the band receives a free CD in return. While the band takes its next giant steps -- expanding their touring base, achieving national airplay and divining a suitable label partner -- they continue to generate a lasting momentum fueled by positivity, imagination and a shared destiny. Half the World are determined to spread their sound over all the world.

Half the World
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